Corporate Social Responsibility is the set of actions which allows us to maximise our contribution to society in all areas we are involved, always keeping in contact with our interest groups. These actions must involve all of the Company’s departments in a joint effort to reach targets.

JOCA greatly values Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), and actively and voluntarily contributes to improving society, economy, and the environment.

In addition to integrating Corporate Social Responsibility into our business strategy, here at JOCA we carry out different social actions in different areas, such as collaboration with public bodies, charities, training and motivating our human team, commitment to sport, collaboration in project for integrating disabled people, actions in defence of the environment and diversity, cooperation with some of the most disadvantaged people in society, protecting our cultural heritage, among other things.

We are aware that the company cannot exist in isolation apart from the people, because a competitive company is necessarily responsible in a global sense, that is, it must adopt the main objectives of the society it lives in.