The JOCA corporate group is a Spanish construction group with a presence in 6 countries which operates in different lines of business and maintains a diversified approach.

The companies which make up the JOCA corporate group are headed by JOCA INGENIERÍA Y CONSTRUCCIONES, who have been operating for over 35 years in civil engineering works, institutional construction, infrastructure maintenance, and water treatment. In particular, it is the latter of these, water treatment, where JOCA boasts its highest level of specialisation and potential; the company has a highly qualified specific engineering design department, which allows them to participate at each step of a project, from the design stage to construction and ensuing exploitation. Such has been the case for over a hundred successfully constructed water purification stations.

The main activity of INTERVÍAS CONSTRUCCIONES, the railway company of the GROUP, is to assemble railway superstructures, at a conventional level as well as for trams and high velocity networks. We have heavy machinery capable of dealing with large scale assembly and renovation projects, to which we must add other railway works using light machinery, as well as the technical and human teams approved by ADIF to operate on their network. With almost 20 years of experience in the sector, our company has earned the trust of its clients, thanks to the quality and efficiency that characterise their work.

Through its subsidiary SACONSA, the JOCA GROUP provides services related to urban aspects and environmental protection. SACONSA in fact specialises in the management of the water cycle, maintenance and exploitation of wastewater purification stations, and potable water treatment plants. In addition, the company implements specialised electro-mechanical installations and maintains solar parks.

GR4 has been designing, building, maintaining, and managing gas infrastructures for over 20 years. They work for distributer companies and other industrial clients in Portugal. Over the past few years they have been involved in the design, construction, and exploitation of water treatment stations, with support from the GROUP’s engineering team.

As part of the GROUP’s diversification and vertical integration of activities, ÁRIDOS NOVELDA works in the extraction, classification, and crushing of aggregates. It has an exploitation plant near Badajoz.

Currently the GROUP has over 300 employees, of which 160 belong to Spanish companies.