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JOCA meets and surpasses the strictest quality and environmental management standards. For this reason it bases its management system on the standard ISO 14001, certified by AENOR since 1998, and its quality management system according to standard ISO 9001 since 1996.
The environment is our legacy to future generations which we cannot mistreat, neither as social agents or business entities. Therefore, here at JOCA we are aware that our actions can help to improve the environment, by ensuring good levels of quality in all stages of activity that we are involved in.
JOCA is committed to the environment and all of its actions are implemented along with specific management programs aimed at reducing the environmental impact of their activity.
As such, waste is managed correctly, reducing it, recycling it, and delivering it to authorised managers. Natural resources are used efficiently through plans for saving water, energy, aggregates, etc.
In order to protect air quality, emissions of dust, polluting gases, and noise, are kept to a minimum in all our work. In addition, we take the utmost care of the soil and its properties, as well as the flora and fauna in places where we work.





The Management of the JOCA corporate group is aware of its commitment to clients and to the environment, and as such has established the objective of implementing and maintaining a Quality, Environment, Risk Prevention, and R&D Management system in:
– Ensure quality in the design, execution, exploitation, and maintenance of all its contracted works and services.
– Prevent and reduce contamination, establishing procedures which minimise the environmental impact resulting from their activities.
– Comply with current legislation and other requirements that the organisation is bound to at all times.
– Identify, evaluate, and prevent risks which affect the health and safety of workers.
– Be vigilant in ensuring that health and safety is protected and respected in all of its work centres, both for their own workers and for subcontracted companies or external collaborators.
– Continuously improve the efficiency of the Quality, Environment, Risk Prevention, and R&D Management System.
– Include the needs of Quality, Environment, Risk Prevention, and R&D in training programs.
– Encourage and promote R&D activities as a differentiating factor for the company.
– Respond to the main concerts of groups that the company interacts with, participating in cultural, social-economic, educational and sporting, and any other kind of project which favours human development.